Eternity Explained: before the beginning to beyond the end


Why? Why evil? Why suffering, injustice, and death? Why so long and so pervasive? Our lives are saturated with it. Will it ever end? Will I ever be truly free? These are the continual questions and cries of humanity from before the start of recorded history. Generation after generation has sunk down to the grave without answers and without hope. It does not need to be that way with you. There is a golden thread of truth that stretches from the very dawn of our universe to your mind right now through these pages and through your own experiences.

The unique approach on this website, and in the corresponding book series, is to use only universal patterns of evidence that are complete, consistent, and built on facts that are easily verifiable or just plain obvious. We avoid obscure historical and scientific claims. We use academic rigor without the jargon. We argue against corrupt religion and conspiracy theories. We depend on no fallible authorities to be mediators between us and our own futures. After all the votes are counted, opinions registered, laws decreed, and consensus reached, the universe remains above and beyond. What is, is. What will be, will be. It is foolish to fight reality or to try controlling it or others. It is wise to learn, think, and live in harmony with that which works forever.

This ongoing book series starts with the biggest and most fundamental truths of life, then works its way to historical and personal details. One brush stroke at a time, a picture of the universe from eternity past to eternity future emerges and clarifies. Your mind will find peace as consistency replaces confusion and contradiction. Your heart will thrill as you realize how you are personally invited to participate in making an eternity of perfect goodness and immortal life!


You can read each book as web pages from the table of contents below, or you can download the complete book as a pdf formatted for phone, print, or large print.


Book 1: Zero to Infinity

Start from scratch with universal observations that are beyond bias, prejudice, or cover-up. Interactions lead to faith, hope, and love and the patterns that inspire them. Tracing them to their source, we discover that we want and need an infinite good person to solve the problem of evil, transform us out of this global quarantine, and forever grow a perfectly good universe.


Book 2: Quest to Connect

The constraints of our spiritual quarantine has a side effect that selfish people can manipulate. Therefore, we set off on a quest to not only find a dependable channel of communication to an infinite good person, but we then seek to verify it. Filtering through many religions and several potential candidates, we are led to investigate a Book using the progressive patterns method of interpretation.


Visual Overview

Some people prefer to look at pictures and diagrams rather than read. This page gives you a 50,000 foot rapid fly over of what is in the books.