We have now completed the first two books in an ongoing series. It is important to summarize what we have accomplished and what still needs to be done.

In Zero to Infinity we laid a rock solid, real life foundation as large as the universe. Freely chosen interactions of faith, hope, and love operate our whole world and saturate our entire experience. An eternity of positive personal interactions is only possible through the power of an infinite good person who will also entirely eliminate all evil and heal all hurts.

But possibility is not proof. Wise faith is based on the weight of evidence. True hope is grounded in experience, not wishful thinking. So where is this God we need?

This book began a quest to find that answer.

We established four criteria to help us narrow the field as quickly and accurately as possible. The infinite good person requirement alone filtered all the world religions down to six. Then, taking into account human nature, worldview, and soul sacrifice, we found ourselves left with one difficult possibility—Christianity. More specifically, we literally needed to get back to the basics, back to the teachings of the founders—Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles.

Even more specifically, we needed a way to avoid the contradictions and confusions of sectarianism by applying the same method that brought us all the way from zero—patterns. Only complete, consistent patterns in Scripture (or anything else) can bring us into unity of thought with the infinite Pattern Maker.

So now we have seen that the Bible explicitly supports patterned, connected thinking. More importantly, we have begun to see actual examples of these patterns. Soul sacrifice and soul death are two of them that introduce the Bible’s support of our criteria.

However, we have only begun to examine the evidence. We have seen the potential, but have not yet staked our faith that Scripture is God’s authorized channel of communication to us today. The next book will make a major step towards that goal.

In volume 3, Patterns in Prophecy, we will see why the Bible’s worldview is unparalleled in its completeness, consistency, and empirical support in history. Its centerpiece is a four-layered prophetic timeline of world and church history that is brutally honest, simply patterned, and detailed enough to test.

Volume 4, Patterns of Beauty, will unfold the principles of the Beatitudes which delineate the difference between good and evil, and draw the battle line between the opposing sides. Also, we will see how they form a rainbow colored stairway to heaven, to God, and to eternal peace starting right now in your own soul.

Once again, we end with a visual summary.