What do we want?

Imagine yourself in a hospital bed inside a quarantine. Your condition is so sensitive that you are in a dark, silent bubble of isolation. You can't see the doctors and nurses who take care of you because they are suited up with all sorts of protective gear. They do things to you and for you while you lay there mostly helpless, barely conscious, and often confused.

As you respond to treatment, they give you messages of personal encouragement and therapy instruction. Those messages must cross the containment barrier through a special intercom system. Communication cannot be direct and face to face. This is an important factor in our situation, especially when we consider this quarantine is also spiritual. Our selfish, fearful, guilty hearts actually avoid open communication.

This gives rise to two critical weaknesses in this system. It is possible for scheming pretenders to intercept and corrupt the channels of communication. It is also probable that the patients in their natural, human condition will misinterpret many messages.

Thus, our twofold quest is focused: We need to find and verify both the communication and the Communicator.

In other words, we are looking for a channel of communication that transmits messages without bias, distortion, or hidden agenda. We also need to verify that it is actually an infinite good person at the other end. We need a secure channel to Truth. Our spiritual health and eternal life depends on it.

This book will emphasize the seeking a message consistent with an infinite good person. The next book will emphasize the verification of what we find.

In your words:

How does a poor connection interfere with your cell phone call? How do you know to whom you are actually talking on the other end?