Simple observation showed us that the whole universe interacts. We are all connected by influence and affect each other. We also share fundamental motives for all of our choices: faith, hope, and love. Clearly, we are wired to be one united spiritual family.

Our experience of faith, hope, and love springs from the patterns we all give and receive. Evidence grows and our responses get accordingly stronger. Whether we respond positively or negatively is our choice, but our choices have consequences that affect everyone around us.

Because we want to live, rather than die, and because we are spiritual people, our paradise instinct drives us to look for and hope for eternal goodness. This can be supplied only by an infinite good person.

However, such a being seems impossible because of all the evil in which we are immersed. Yet, there is one complete, consistent explanation that resolves this apparent contradiction—quarantine.

We are inside a containment zone with both destructive and healing influences. Its purpose is not to isolate us forever, but to transform us so that we can join eternity on the outside. Our healing requires an example of, and commitment to, 100% soul sacrifice. Without a sacrificing Doctor-Leader we have no one to follow and no way of escape.

Only such a dedicated Father would know when nothing more can be done to save more of his children. Only at that time would it be right to pull the plug, then the quarantine must end or else evil will exist forever and contradiction will be enshrined. Once the parasite of evil is terminated, the universe emerges cleaner and wiser and forever immune and happy.

So now we have all the basic principles of life. Yet, it still feels theoretical. Our minds want to believe, but they question, Is it real? If so, where is this infinite good person and how do we communicate and connect?

The next book starts that search by using the process of elimination which will lead us to a set of communication devices that is worth investigating to test their reliability. Get ready for an infinite good person to reveal himself in history—our history!