Contradiction and solution

With all this evil can there possibly be an infinite good person?

When we say we want an IGP, we want something more than words on paper. We want a person in real life. However, when we look around, it seems impossible that such a being can exist. Good and evil are as opposite as light and dark. They cannot coexist. Turn on the light and the darkness disappears. Flip the switch and there is no more light. How can there be an infinite good person in this evil universe?

This was the very contradiction I faced as a boy. At the time, the only way I could reconcile my observations with the existence of a good God was to kill Him. Especially in light of rampant evil in religion, including the community I was raised in, I logically concluded that God had died a long time ago. With my limited knowledge, this made sense at the time. Later I discovered another option that makes much more sense because it explains a much bigger data set than I had then.

Good and evil are indeed mutually destructive opposites. They cannot coexist in peace and harmony. Also, evil cannot have the approval of Good. Therefore, anyone who concludes the universe must be good or God must be dead is reasoning logically from their assumptions.

However, a good and giving God can invent another option that we rarely consider, but with which the modern world is now familiar—quarantine.

An infinite good person desiring to transform evil people would permit them to exist in a quarantined area of the universe. This does not approve evil, but it buys time to cure attitudes and change hearts.

Because light destroys darkness, yet light is needed to transform darkness, patterns inside the containment zone would need to be adapted. Think of how painful it is to have bright light shined in your eyes to wake you up. The light must be dimmed (which signals evil), but it must be dimmed for the sake of the patients (which sends a good message).

So a quarantine is indeed a mixed message both to the people inside and outside. It is a contradiction made to exist for a time for the purpose of buying time for the solving of the patients’ problems.

Quarantine is a contradiction leading to solution, not to capitulation.

Just as a nation isolates its citizens to protect them from a spreading pandemic, so a quarantine is a contradiction that shows an infinite good Father’s care and compassion for everyone.

From whom are we being quarantined?

There are good reasons to believe that there are probably trillions of intelligent beings out there, but some of them will take time to explain. For now, let’s look at scientific possibilities.

Hundreds or thousands of planets have been discovered that appear to have life supporting features. Let’s just conservatively estimate that every galaxy has at least one planet like ours. Even if only a fraction of a percent of those planets have life, there are still billions. Each of those species that have remained good—that have continually chosen the positive way of faith, hope, and love—do not want our selfishness, disease, and death. So we are contained.

This is a guess, but the evidence keeps pointing in this direction. To say that no other races exist out there is as egocentric as the ancients who thought the whole universe orbited around Earth. Our movies make the human race into cosmic heroes, but we would do better to humbly acknowledge that we are a violent, corrupt and corrupting race inhabiting a speck of a planet.

In your words:

How can a quarantine potentially cause extra pain and separation in its attempt to heal? How is the pain of the surgeon’s knife different from the pain of the mugger’s knife? Is the surgeon’s knife approved? Is the mugger’s knife approved? Compare and contrast quarantines, hospitals, and prisons.