Ending that which ends

More apparent contradictions

On the surface, it appears contradictory for Good to end that which ends because that would seem to make Good into an evil ender. However, that is only a superficial reaction based on popular literature and religion. To end evil, which ends goodness and creativity, all that needs to happen is to switch on the light to normal full power. Then the darkness disappears. Then the destructive force self-destructs.

If evil does not come to an end, then all goodness must end. If Good does not eliminate the parasite from the universe, then the universe must be eaten into nothingness or Good must explain why the parasite is now an eternal attribute of life.

A quarantine must close or be redefined. If the containment zone of evil is not closed, then it becomes a permanent feature of the universe. If it is permanent then it is eternal and by definition it becomes good. If what is in the quarantine is good, then there is no longer a boundary needed to separate it from the good universe. The quarantine just redefined itself out of existence. (But now the whole universe is in peril.)

However, if we are going to redefine the purpose of the quarantine, then why not redefine it at the beginning, before isolating the patients and subjecting them to the pain of a cure that does not work? Redefining after quarantining is a cruel contradiction.

To avoid a quarantine, evil must be avoided, because evil is the only reason to have a quarantine in a good universe. So when evil arises, either it is contained or redefined to be good. However, redefining evil makes infinite Good a compromiser and a self-contradicter. Good and its opposite cannot both be good. Therefore, the best option is to quarantine evil and seek to transform evil people rather than to redefine evil.

Closing the containment zone

So the quarantine must close to put evil out of existence. Preferably, this would happen naturally when the last patient heals. But what if there are patients who refuse to heal? Because the disease we are discussing is an illness of choice, what if there are patients who refuse to choose positive faith, hope, and love? What if they refuse to even acknowledge that they are patients?

This is when all good people have a difficult choice. When do you end that which ends? When do you abandon the building and let the fire burn itself out? When do you pull the plug and let the patients die in their own system failure?

Not until after 100%.

Not until after an infinite good person has given 100%. Not until after all good people have given 100%. Not until after the patients have decidedly rejected 100%. Closure—the solution to the problem of residual influence—cannot be achieved until after 100%.

It is very sad whenever someone needs to pull the plug on a loved one or put down a pet. The agony becomes bearable only after every other option is exhausted. Sadness magnified by guilt (would of, should of, could of) becomes crushing. Residual influence lives on in the privacy of the heart and in the public consciousness. Those doubts will erupt at a later date to start the fire of evil all over again.

After 100% is given by all, then good Father and good children can stand together and support each other as they tearfully pull the plug on the quarantine and its selfish stubborn patients. The choices of former family and friends are honored at great pain to everybody.

When the plug is pulled, the Light stops shining into the containment zone. Evil is permitted to fully get what it always seeks–total darkness. With no more light or love on which to feed, the parasite of evil consumes itself in a great collapse. Destruction destroys itself.

Light and life immediately fill the collapsed space and the universe is whole and clean and harmonious once again. The hole of destruction is filled with creativity. The zone of darkness is turned into light. Death "dies" as life takes its place. That which ends is ended by a new and glorious beginning.

Father and Mother and children can now close the book on that sad story. 100% was given. Nothing else could be done. Decisions had to be honored rather than force people to live contrary to their wishes in endless torture, because evil people are tormented by good just as good people are tormented by evil.

With the quarantine collapsed, everyone now knows everyone gave 100%. There are no lingering doubts, no nagging questions to spoil complete faith, hope, and love. With an infinite good Father leading a harmonious family, the universe moves on into the ever brightening future never looking back on the failed experiment of evil. Like tried and proven veterans of a long exhausting war, the universal family is a team built on trust with all questions answered, all doubts removed, all weaknesses addressed.

Faith, hope, and love reign supreme and sincere forever. Darkness will never push away the light and find a home, because all have seen it for what it really is and all have rejected it. The first sunrise of eternity bursts fair and clear to begin an endless day where the sun will never set.

In your words:

Would you keep the misery inside the quarantine forever or would you pull the plug? Would either option be easy? Would an endless quarantine increase the faith, hope, and love of the good people outside?