Patterns over proof

When presented with the idea of an infinite good person I immediately saw that it was good. It is kind of obvious. However, I then wanted proof. A good idea needs to become a good reality.

After years of futile attempts to discover the once-and-for-all secret solution, I was finally ready to consider and accept the simple truth: Any God worth proving cannot be proved. So please let me now try to spare you from tying yourself in knots and wasting time researching dead ends.

Proving it is unprovable

Imagine yourself being transported to heaven. You are escorted directly into the throne room of God and talk with him face to face. The experience is incredible. The light is glorious. The answers to your questions are astounding. On the way out you are given a tour where you see all sorts of mind-blowing technology and meet many wonderful people. Then you return to earth.

While the impression will remain with you forever, within five minutes you ask yourself a question that you will ask the rest of your life: Was that real?

And how will you answer it? How will you answer the objections and ridicule that you receive when you try to convince others of your visit? After a while, how will you avoid concluding that you were not dreaming or hallucinating? Will you not begin to wish, pray, and beg for another visit?

Now let’s pretend that you are granted another visit, or at least a heavenly being visits you. Will you not then need another visit after that? And another one after that? In fact, will you not beg God to go public? Not just once, but repeatedly? Repeatedly enough to make a new normal, a new culture of accepting what was formerly thought impossible?

What you want, what we all want, is not a one time proof or sensational miracle, but a pattern. We want a big predictable, progressive, profitable pattern.

Only a pattern of visits with deity can dispel the rumors and conspiracy theories. Only a pattern can remake a culture of disbelief and define a new normal. Only a pattern, not a one time proof, can reshape our lives and thinking.

Therefore, what we really want now is a pattern of experiences with an infinite good person. Proof can only put a taste in our mouth, while only patterns can satisfy our repeated hunger.

Can’t prove infinity

This idea of patterns over proof is not a cop-out or tricky excuse. It is accepting reality. Here’s why.

An infinite good person is infinite in an infinite number of ways. We want to prove all of them, but let’s pick just one of the simplest—size.

So there you are at the throne again. You peer as high as you can and you cannot see the top. You look left and right and you cannot detect any edges. You start walking back and forth and you still cannot see his sides. Then you get an idea.

You are given an endless tape measure and the gift of flight. You anchor the beginning of the tape, then you take off. Faster than an airplane and then faster than a rocket, but still you are not even around the front. You increase your speed to faster than light. You travel for years, but still you feel like you are at the beginning. You have covered so much distance, but still there is even more to go.

Never, even in a million years or an eternity will you be able to finish your trip. You will never encircle infinity and end up at your starting point.

Can’t prove future goodness

With extensive record keeping we can show a person's past behavior as good, evil, or mixed. But what about future behavior? What about present, internal motives? Do you see a problem already?

There is no way of seeing a person's future actions with 100% certainty. We simply do not have all the facts yet. We are unable to see the future two seconds in front of us. However, we are beings of trust, which is based on reason. If an infinite good person shows their self to be repeatedly kind, wise, and benevolent we can choose to trust what they do and why they do it forever. Until we are able to time travel and keep records of future events, we really have no other option. And what requires trust cannot be proven, and what cannot be proven needs trust. Therefore, no proof, no judging, just trust based on a trustworthy pattern, if we choose.

Any God worth proving cannot be proved

The only God worth proving is an infinite good person. Neither infinity nor future goodness can be proved. They can only be experienced repeatedly, which ultimately is what we really want. We want a pattern of meaningful experiences with our Father. We want a pattern of connection with infinite Good. We don’t want a one-time miraculous proof then we die. We want an ongoing life, which means continual faith, hope, and love. So when we think about it, our problem is not proof. Our only real problem is evil.

In your words:

Can someone prove to you that they are trustworthy with just one action? Can someone prove they love you in just one act? How does strong evidence relate to proof? What do you think of a pattern of proof? Can you prove something to yourself and at the same time be unable to prove it to others?

The only God worthy of my commitment, the only God able to keep my commitment, is an infinite good person. Why? Only an infinite good person is able to be consistent forever. Anyone less will sooner or later do something selfish that will break my trust and respect, which automatically breaks my wholehearted commitment. All this happens, not because I hold egotistically high standards or arbitrarily set a narrow range within which I can be pleased, it all happens because I am a being of faith, hope, and love. Break the patterns upon which they are based and my motivation is broken. This happens on the human level: When you let me down, YOU let me down. I may still try to love you in return, but inside of me something has snapped because I must be honest and face the facts that are beyond my control.