Soul sacrifice

The dilemma of unselfishness

It is nice to say that we need good patterns to transform us into good. It is nice to say that the infinite good person will give them to us. But what does that really mean and what does it really look like?

Think back over some of the people you know. You probably know more than one "nice" person who turned out to be unreliable or backstabbing or corrupt. Infinite Good has to be much more than nice or kind.

You probably also know of the flattering gift giver who ends up manipulating, abusing, and controlling. Our Father needs to be much better than the creepy guy in the car following us down the street offering us a ride and lots of candy.

We have already discussed how and why we cannot prove future goodness. So how do we know infinite Good is truly good? Religion seems especially prone to bait and switch tactics. How do we avoid getting hooked?

These questions pierce especially deep when we consider what is being asked of us. To join the universe "out there" we need to be totally unselfish. This sounds like what cult masters ask of their followers! Am I to give everything, receive nothing, and then in the end be left looking stupid?!

For all of these reasons, an infinite good person must fully live and die for us. Only total commitment from him will inspire total commitment in us. Father must love me first so I can love him in return, because if left on my own all I can generate is selfish "love."

I cannot live unselfishly. By that I mean it is humanly impossible to live unselfishly merely. I must dedicate my life to something positive. I cannot avoid the negative without a positive goal or purpose. To live without worrying about me, I must know that me is taken care of.

This change of heart is like what we hear in the stories of people saved from the brink of death who then turn their priorities completely around and serve others with their special talent and/or in a manner similar to the person who saved them. They give up their life to live for others and consequently they live like never before.

This transformation is like the slave who kept shouting from the auction block, "I won't work! I won't work!" Then the master who bought him stopped the horses on the way home and set him free. From that moment forward the former slave freely served the one who loved and respected him.

I cannot live unselfishly so I can get out of the quarantine and live forever, that's selfish.

I cannot live unselfishly, but I can selflessly live for someone who selflessly lives for me.

This is why an infinite good person must be a giving person, a very giving person. In fact, they must be totally giving. If he/she holds back, then they are selfish and therefore incapable of inspiring selflessness in me. I can love no more than the pattern shown to me. Only love can inspire love. Only unselfishness can inspire unselfishness.

An infinite good person cannot merely give me a gift. He cannot "sacrifice" a part of himself, or die only a bodily death. Infinity must sacrifice infinity. That will influence me to sacrifice 100%.

Infinite Good must sacrifice his soul.

It is the only way I can know that nothing is being held back, that 100% is given to me. It is the only thing that will lead me to sacrifice my selfish motives, my selfish soul. Soul sacrifice is the only solution to the problem of evil. Any other philosophy, theology, story, or strategy fails, miserably.

When the infinite good person not only climbs every mountain and walks through every fire to reach me, but he also lays himself down at my feet so that I may walk across the chasm to safety, then I know he is serious. When Father offers to give me his health and take my bed in the quarantine so I can go free, then I know true love. When infinite Good offers to trade my evil dying soul for his eternal living soul, then I know unselfishness. I live unselfishly as I live for him.

I still cannot guarantee future goodness, but I would be a fool to reject total selflessness because it is the only possible foundation for eternal faith, hope, and love. Any eternity without such love is not worth living and will fall apart anyways.

Soul sacrifice is the only solution to evil. My evil, your evil, our evil, past, present, or future evil, it can all be solved only infinite faith, hope, and love which flows to us through the unending fountain of soul sacrifice.

In your words:

Would you trust and love someone who is willing to sacrifice their eternal life for you? Why would anything less than a 100% commitment fail to extinguish evil and its residual influence? What if your father (or Father) told your kidnapper, I'm not willing to pay beyond this limit? What if your mother (or Mother) was not willing to run into traffic to save her child? How much does Infinity care with anything less than an infinite sacrifice?