Soul transformation

So why doesn’t infinite Good just come down, snap his fingers, and heal everybody? Because the primary problem is evil choice. If the root cause was secondary pain and physical death, then a snap of the fingers would indeed solve the problem instantly. However, we are dealing with attitudes, choices, motives, distrust, despair, hatred, prejudice, fear, pride.

We are in a spiritual quarantine as well as a physical containment zone. Spiritual problems demand spiritual solutions. The way out of the quarantine is not in a spaceship, but through a soul experience.

God can fix my body, but if my heart is still determined to be self-centered and do foolish things, then I will need to be fixed again and again, not to mention the other people I repeatedly hurt. The evil tree inside of me needs to be chopped down at the roots or else branches will continue to sprout and bad fruit will ripen. The cause must be fixed.

“But,” you ask, “if the root problem is not physical but spiritual, then doesn’t that mean negative faith, hope, and love?” Yes. “That means it is a problem of choice and you can’t fix it against someone’s will.” Correct. “Then how can we fix it?” With predictable, progressive, profitable patterns. Those will fix the heart, if a person chooses to let them.

This means an infinite good person must invest himself. A quarantine does not heal by itself. It needs a doctor. Our Father must come inside, not just once or twice, but repeatedly. A lecture or sermon will not cut it. Infinite Good must show us how predictable, progressive, and profitable he really is. We then have something and someone to trust, to hope in, and love.

Through patterns of experience with Good, we receive faith, hope, and love. Then we have faith, hope, and love to give. We gradually become less a part of the problem and more a part of the solution. We help more than hurt. We create more than destroy.

This growth process transforms us. We no longer take advantage of others. We no longer destroy the planet to lavish resources on ourselves. Greed and envy no longer drive our impulses. The material world is no longer our goal. The superficial culture is no longer the source of our identity and approval. We are citizens of the cosmos spreading light and love, answering evil with good, ready to live or die unselfishly because that is the way of eternity.

Good in, good out. Good freely received, good freely given. That is the way eternity works.

“But I’m stuck inside this dark quarantine!”

Follow the light, however dim or foggy or painfully bright. Stumble forward. Resist the urge to turn back. There is a bigger picture than we now see in the moment as we wander in the woods. There is a whole universe waiting to be explored, an endless future waiting to be experienced.

In your words:

Do you want to be transformed? How would others around you benefit from your transformation?